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Designing furniture isn’t easy as it might look. Every person taste is different, so are their imaginations. It needs a lot of patience and some serious job skills to bring out the best! Every piece of furniture is a craft, an art piece when you look down carefully.

The carvings and the attachments made without much exterior appearance is an art! It takes months to years sometimes to prepare a piece. But,with technology making things easier, furniture crafting is also little easy considerably. The logs are processed and pre-prepared with the help of machines and are made into achievable formats.

Furniture creates an attractive ambience to any place. Sober shades wooden sofas, darker shades mirrors, darker shades cots with intricate carvings and wooden idols all are examples of craftsmanship. Wooden lampshades that are transitional style replica, which can never be out of any artists eyes. Huge dining tables that bring the whole family together are wonderful creations which not only are a place but a piece that is filled with lots of efforts and crafting skills.  These days the furniture style and presence has expanded beyond imagination and you can think of anything a room needs, it already exists.

About me:

Being an interior designer, I feel the demand for small furniture’shas increased. People are now opting for compact pieces with slightest designs. The real challenge is in designing the smaller pieces, which is difficult at the same time bringing out the real talent in you. Designing tables and chairs are my passion. Dining tables these days come in vast variations, like the latest marble top dining table. To create this look, we must analyse the weight holding capacity of the wood, and choose the material accordingly. Create a design that brings in elegance and royalty at the same time being grounded, is the most satisfying piece one can create.




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