Tips for Wooden furniture maintenance

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Furniture is our besties, wherever you go! No matter what type of the place it is, furniture is a must! They are absolutely necessary these days, to assist us in our daily tasks and lives too. The best quality ones are durable too, which makes it as a great investment. But, for them to stay longer, they need maintenance too. So, how do you clean up your furniture?

Wood is the strongest one, but at the same time needs proper caring, else it would fail miserably. Metal too needs proper caring else it would become a scrap. Do you know how to clean them safe, and make them look fresh, clean and stay longer too? in case you already know, then we are happy! If not, don’t worry, we are here with some tips on cleaning your furniture and keeping them for long.

Basic task- Dusting:

Furniture needs dusting regularly. Frequent dusting helps in removing airborne dust, that might get accumulated over time, a filmy layer and leads to scratch. Cleaning or dusting with dry and soft clean cloth or even feather dusters would be great. Heres another tip, that needs to be followed. Dampen the cloth or any cleaner you use slightly, just to avoid the dirt and dust falling back in the same place again, or moving to a different part. Don’t overdo, as it might lead to water sinking in slightly and reducing the durability.

Safe tools for dusting:




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